We know that Women tour Uganda wouldn’t be where it is now if we didn’t have Angels. Angels come in different ways, thanks a lot to our solo women guest angels who book our safaris and those who recommend us to their circles. Part of your safari profit genuninely helps other Ugandan single mother entrepreneurs under our program. We are soooooo grateful.

Please note that we dont take donations from our Solo women guests.

Thats why we started Women tour Uganda Angels where we put aside a percentage profit from your safaris and we become an angel to different Ugandan selected single mother small business owners. We look at their business needs in terms of finance, their level of commitment to their business, passion, their dependants and then donate a substantial amount in their small business without any expectation of profit or ownership.

We noticed that many single mother small business owners in Uganda don’t need too much funds in their businesses and they don’t have easy access to credit. We also advice them on what to improve in their business with the help of our operations manager Mr. Peter Kabiri and our managing director Ms Irene Nalwoga.

These mothers take care of their children, families, communities and we hope when their businesses grow they will help other single mother small business owners.

Enjoy our Social impact story on Journey woman. 



I was raised by my single mother the late Jane Namaganda in the slums of Rubaga Uganda. I saw how hard my mum worked everyday without taking a break even when she was sick because she had to feed us. We are 3 daughters. She used to work in Kikuubo Kampala. She had a very small retail shop selling cosmetics. I remember everytime she would come back home she would say, i wish i can get more capital in my shop because the customers are there and the business is there.

The fact that she had to feed us and pay our school fees she always spent more money encroaching on her capital as well which always left her with a shop that had very limited stock. I saw how stressed, worried she was, sometimes breaking into tears because she had no single collateral to get a bank loan or rich friends and relatives to lend her money. There was a day i visited her shop and i saw clients asking for more things but she could only sell them just 2 pieces of that product left in the shop. 

At that point she turned to me and said irene you see what i am always telling you if only i can get capital in this shop, i saw tears in her eyes after the client had left the shop.

Now that i grew up and started Women tour Uganda i remembered the tears in my mum's eyes about her business that lacked very small capital to feed us. I also went ahead and researched on many Ugandan women small business owners, i noticed they were living my mother's life. I told myself that if Women tour Uganda gets many solo women bookings and we make some profit, definately we will be angels in some selected Ugandan single mother businesses. I know we cant help all of them but the few we reach we will hold their hand, the hand that i wish my dear mum was given when she was alive. 


 irene mum


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